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7 February 2021

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a few weeks since the last update. 

I've been having problems with my prosthetic knee since breaking my wrist late last year. It's now becoming an issue as I'm not able to dye nearly as much as I have been. I had a nuclear bone scan and MRI a couple of weeks ago, but my follow up appointment was delayed due to lockdown. I get the results this coming Thursday.

In the meantime, I've been dyeing in small batches to restock, and a few new ones as well. I will add yarn to the shop when the batches are dry and ready rather than doing a regular update.

There are a couple of new colourways on the Merino Silk Yak ... Wild Berries which is a bright pink/purple, and Bracken ... a mossy green. Both fit in well with other current colourways. I have started a Solaris shawl using Midnight Hour and Wild Berries for a real pop of colour!

More yarn bouquets were added to the shop recently, as well as 2 new sock sets ~ My Funny Valentine and Frangipani.

The first sock pattern in The Handmade Sock Society Season 4 was released a couple of days ago ... Curling Mist Socks!!! I have cast on using Parisian Fleur, which is a light variegated pink, and it's perfect for showcasing all the cables. I added a short video on Instagram showing how to do the 1/1 RC without using a cable needle. It makes it so much quicker! I'll add another video shortly for the 1/1 LC which will be used on the second sock.

I love seeing what you're making, so please remember to tag me using either #dyeingtoknit or #dtk

Have a great week,

Michelle x

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