This shawl was inspired by walks along Leighton Beach, Western Australia. It is a stunning coastline where dog owners love to take their beloved pets for a run and play, and gorgeous sunsets over the Indian Ocean.


Australians love a nickname and there is one for every State. For people West Australians it is “Sandgroper”, so it seems an appropriate name for my first shawl pattern!


It is a simple design, with some texture in the middle section to keep it interesting, and a picot bind off. I have included links on the website for tutorials on the bobble row and the way I like to join colours.


It is the shawl I always go to because it is so easy to wear.


Photo 1 - Blue Skies (Colour A), Beach Walk (Colour B) & Shoreline (Colour C)

Photo 2 - Burnished Steel (Colour A & C), Russet (bobbles) and Autumn Leaves (Colour B)

Photo 3 - Antique Pink (Colour A), Whimsical (Colour B) & Vintage Lace (Colour C)