ASH is a variegated grey and black colourway dyed on 2 bases:
4 Ply Luscious Sock High Twist
85% Superwash Extrafine Merino 15% Nylon
100g / approx 360m

4 Ply Basic Sock
75% NON Superwash Merino 25% Nylon
100g / approx 400m

This high twist Luscious Sock base is fantastic for projects where you desire great stitch definition. It also adds durability too. It is one of my most popular bases because it is so versatile and can be used for scarves, jumpers, blankets, etc, as well as items where a little more durability is required such as socks and mittens.The fibres are washed, carded and then the combed (aligned) before spinning. Worsted spun yarns spun form longer staple fibres are more luxurious and refined, stronger and will feel softer and smoother. The use of longer, combed fibre and the removal of the shorter fibres during the combing process, significantly reduce pilling in the resultant yarn. The vast majority of spinning occurs in Italy as it offers the highest standard of production now available in Europe.
It is hand dyed by me using professional acid dyes. The yarn is washed and rinsed, but may bleed slightly on the first wash. Please note that the photos taken are the best representation of colour that I can achieve. It may vary depending on your computer.


  • Hand wash is recommended and dry flat. Excessive exposure to sun may fade the colour.