Sandgroper Shawl

Last week I worked feverishly on knitting up and writing the pattern for my shawl. The original blue version has been dyed up and kits placed in the shop, but I wanted to test knit in soft pinks and purple. I started with Antique Pink (a new colourway for this shawl), Whimsical and Vintage Lace for the final picot section. I added a short How To video for the 5 stitch bobble on IGTV, and also on the Dyeing to Knit YouTube channel. I wanted to keep the beach theme of the original colours ~ Shoreline, Beach Walk and Blue Skies ~ and felt it only appropriate that I named the shawl Sandgroper which is a nickname for West Australians. The pattern has been sent out to my lovely testers and I'm hoping to release it next month!

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