It Makes Perfect Scents

Hand poured Soy Candles and Reed Diffusers made in Perth, WA

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Soy Candles

Choose from classic tumblers or recycled vintage glassware in 20 different fragrances.


The wax is biodegradable and free from pesticides, palm oil and GMOs. The vessels can be reused around the home.

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Reed Diffusers

Choose between 200ml or 300ml diffusers depending on the space. The smaller size is great for powder rooms/bathrooms or any small space. If you are wanting a larger scent throw, the 300ml is perfect or use two.

The 200ml comes in class black with black reeds but can be changed on request. The 300ml (pictured here) comes with Rose Gold lid and Bamboo reeds.


These are made from a high-quality diffuser base which provides a superior scent throw for your diffuser. These are also available in all 20 fragrances to match your candle.

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